Pressure washers are great when it comes to cleaning oil and grease from external stuff. The high flow of water serves the purpose of exfoliating the surface and removing the dirt. Some of the time, people also mix cleaning agent with water to get better results and there are several brands in the market which provide these pressure washer. Some of the most trusted brands are Karcher, Generac, Blue Clean and Green Works. In this article, we have listed some of the best Pressure Washers available in the market. So have a look at these models before making a purchase decision.

  1. Generac 7019

This is one of the best Pressure Washer available in the market. It is really easy to use and it comes with several settings to adjust the settings. The four settings in the pressure washer are for car, house, pavement and soap. Once you select the setting, the pressure washer automatically adjusts the water pressure to adjust as per the usage. It can be used for almost everything and it is also easy to handle which makes it the first choice of many users. This is basically a gas powered pressure washer which has an engine capacity of 196 cc and the maximum pressure that it can generate is 3100 psi. The Gallon per minute rate of this pressure washer is 2.4

  1. Craftsman 020573

This pressure washer is really compact and it acts to the advantage of the pressure washer. It makes it really convenient to use as there is high portability linked to this pressure washer. The spray tip of the pressure washer is itself an engineering wonder. The tip can be rotated to adjust the nozzle and the pressure. There are five basic positions in this nozzle and they are, delicate, soap, max, flush and general. You don’t even have to worry about losing tip as it is attached to the pressure washer and it only takes a couple of rotation to adjust the pressure. This machine is also a gas powered with an engine capacity of 190 cc and it has a maximum pressure range of 3000 psi. In addition to this, the gallon per minute rate is 2.7.

  1. Vax Power 2500 Complete P86-P4-T

This is another pressure washer in our list which can easily make any work easy. It can clean the driveway, the motorcycle, the payment and almost everything. The pressure generated by this pressure washer can go up to 160 bars and it comes with almost 7 attachments and it also has a 10-meter long hose which is actually very convenient to use. On top of the pressure washer there is a roller to roll the hose and the only disadvantage of this pressure washer is that it can take a little long to roll back the hose because of the length of the hose but there is no doubt that it is convenient to roll back hose as there is a mechanical rotational system for that.

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