Borderlands 3 is an upcoming action role-playing first-person shooter video game currently being developed by Gearbox Software and is to be published by 2K Games. It is a continuation of the very popular Borderlands series of video games and will be an indirect sequel to 2009’s original Borderlands. The game is said to have been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and onwards, Xbox 360 and onwards and the OS X as well.

The news of the upcoming game first came at a panel during the PAX South exactly two years ago in January 2015, where Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced that their studio was preparing to begin work on a new Borderlands game and the news was enthusiastically received by fans and analysts of the industry. Right now, we have no definite clue on when the new Borderlands 3 game will release. It was rumoured to be released later this year but may be delayed if reports are to be believed. We have created a wishlist of all the features that we wish to see in the upcoming game.

We need a more improved storytelling and narration. A better narration is essential if the player wants to immerse himself or herself in the game truly. While we do realise that in an action role-playing first-person shooter game, the narration of the game can often get secondary priority. But underneath the glitz and glamour that the new game will boast of besides colourful and high-end graphics, we must consider that the user is still a man. A man also needs human attachment. We would want to see more tone and clarity in the overall storyline in the new game as and when it develops.

The features we want to see in Borderlands 3

We would like to see better quality and a larger variety of the weaponry available to the users. While the RPG games has always been known for its choice of weapons, repeated attempts at completing the same mission may get jeopardised by the unavailability of a single weapon. Also, we need better melee weapons as well to ensure more engaging close-quarter combat between two users or characters.

Better MMO gaming capability. This is very important, as the online gaming business is the future of the entire gaming business. While this will attract more users to join in the online gaming experience of the Borderlands’ franchise’s latest addition, this will almost certainly ensure more variety is available to any potential future player. Besides, online gaming also makes for excellent game playing which is both immersive and nuanced. Should this happen, Borderlands 3( and its developer, Gearbox Software, will be the ones to benefit the most, not to mention the players at large.

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Lastly, we need a truly open-world environment for the game to really succeed. We do know for certain that all gamers want and deserve a truly real open world gameplay without any travelling gates during the game or even after active gameplay. We hope and believe that more choice of design by GearBox will make for better environments for the game overall. Besides, modern game developers have all the technology they need to build an environment where the travel gates could be replaced by a pass that connects various realms and domains