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Forza Horizon 4 Release Date: What We Know So Far

Forza Horizon 4, the much-anticipated game from the house of Microsoft, has long been in the making and we have now received some new information as far as the Forza Horizon 4 release date is concerned. For fans of this car racing video game, we do have some good news and we will list out what we have learned here. Remember that we have some sources who have confirmed what we are about to note below.

Forza Horizon 4 Release Date: What We Know

A bit of background checks before we get down to the more juicy details. At the moment, there are two titles in the popular franchise. One is called the Forza Motorsport and the other is Forza Horizon. Of these two, the Motorsport version is developed by the well-known Turn 10 Studios and is published by Microsoft Studios.The Horizon range is developed by Playground Games and is published by Microsoft Studios. Right now, Microsoft wants to maintain parity between the two sub-franchisees and it is expected that the Forza Horizon 4 release date will be affected by the success or the failure of this plan.

Forza Horizon 4 release date

Release Date of Forza Horizon 4

Last year, the Forza Horizon 3 was released to great acclaim and it will be a tough act to follow up to. Now, a Hot Wheels DLC pack has been released and that too has been well-received. We have also learned that Turn 10 Studios famous software architect Chris Tector has spoken to popular gaming website GameSpot and has stated that he believes that the Forza franchise is between the Motorsport and the Horizon title and is bound to be an annual title sooner than later.

Till a year or so ago, the Forza Motorsport franchise would constantly outsell the Horizon franchise; this was fixed by the Forza Horizon 3, which was a great success and sold more units compared to the Forza Motorsport 7. This also means that Playground Games and Turn 10 are now evenly matched as far as the sales figures and, ultimately, profits, are concerned. This makes Turn 10 sit in the driver’s seat and it can make demands on Microsoft, the global giant, as well.

All this leads us to believe that the Forza Horizon 4 release date will be sometime in 2018. This means that Microsoft Studios have a lot of work to do, given the fact that hardware changes and software updates are bound to set in.

Wrap Up

Forza Horizon 4 release date is just around the corner and with each passing day, we will keep updating you. So, watch this space for more.


FIFA 18 Journey Promises More Football Drama

EA’s FIFA franchise has been ruling the charts ever since it started coming out way back in the 90s. Reasons are ample behind its enduring success, but there is a specific one that remains behind the newfound hype surrounding the game that has come to the fore since last year. Yes, we are talking about the Journey Mode, and this year too, the FIFA 18 Journey is expected to be as amazing as it was in FIFA 17, if not better.

Fifa 18 Journey: What is it?

The Journey Mode that made its debut last year with FIFA 17 is the single player story mode in the FIFA games. The first endeavor of this type in the long history of the franchise, the new mode had let players walk in the shoes of rising football star Alex Hunter. The player makes the entire journey of Hunter as he makes his way across junior teams and finally lands the chance to go to the big leagues. Needless to say, it was a hit; but it wasn’t without its faults.

Fifa 18 journey mode


The FIFA 17 Journey was a great attempt to make the game feel more personal than its predecessors. But almost anyone will agree that the story itself lacked the kind of depth one would come to expect from Electronic Arts. Besides, its execution was poor too. But there is every chance that the FIFA 18 Journey will fulfill all our football fanaticism with a good dollop of emotion.

FIFA 18 Journey: What can we expect

Even before the game was officially announced, EA officials had made it very clear that the Journey was returning in the 2017 game. This time around, they promised, there would be multiple storylines and new characters. But while we expected to see a new central character in the FIFA 18 Journey, it was made crystal clear in the title of the mode itself that it would be centered around none other than  Hunter himself.

The FIFA 18 Journey mode is aptly titled “The Journey: Hunter Returns,” and just like last year, there will be a lot of drama. But do not expect it to deviate from football. Firstly, it is clear that the Journey in FIFA 18( will bring forth a host of new leagues. In fact, be prepared to see Hunter participating in Bundesliga, La Liga, and more. And if we are lucky, then the Premier League itself may be on the cards.

Besides that, the new FIFA 18 Journey story promises so much more than last season, what with Christiano Ronaldo himself making an appearance in the trailer.

Wrap Up

It is clear that the FIFA 18 Journey is going to be a blast. Until the FIFA 18 release date rolls around, there is so much more to learn. And we hope to find out more about other aspects of the game as well as soon as the previews begin to take place. Stay with us for more updates.

Borderlands 3: A List Of Features We Want To See

 Borderlands 3 is an upcoming action role-playing first-person shooter video game currently being developed by Gearbox Software and is to be published by 2K Games. It is a continuation of the very popular Borderlands series of video games and will be an indirect sequel to 2009’s original Borderlands. The game is said to have been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and onwards, Xbox 360 and onwards and the OS X as well.

The news of the upcoming game first came at a panel during the PAX South exactly two years ago in January 2015, where Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced that their studio was preparing to begin work on a new Borderlands game and the news was enthusiastically received by fans and analysts of the industry. Right now, we have no definite clue on when the new Borderlands 3 game will release. It was rumoured to be released later this year but may be delayed if reports are to be believed. We have created a wishlist of all the features that we wish to see in the upcoming game.

We need a more improved storytelling and narration. A better narration is essential if the player wants to immerse himself or herself in the game truly. While we do realise that in an action role-playing first-person shooter game, the narration of the game can often get secondary priority. But underneath the glitz and glamour that the new game will boast of besides colourful and high-end graphics, we must consider that the user is still a man. A man also needs human attachment. We would want to see more tone and clarity in the overall storyline in the new game as and when it develops.

The features we want to see in Borderlands 3

We would like to see better quality and a larger variety of the weaponry available to the users. While the RPG games has always been known for its choice of weapons, repeated attempts at completing the same mission may get jeopardised by the unavailability of a single weapon. Also, we need better melee weapons as well to ensure more engaging close-quarter combat between two users or characters.

Better MMO gaming capability. This is very important, as the online gaming business is the future of the entire gaming business. While this will attract more users to join in the online gaming experience of the Borderlands’ franchise’s latest addition, this will almost certainly ensure more variety is available to any potential future player. Besides, online gaming also makes for excellent game playing which is both immersive and nuanced. Should this happen, Borderlands 3( and its developer, Gearbox Software, will be the ones to benefit the most, not to mention the players at large.

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Lastly, we need a truly open-world environment for the game to really succeed. We do know for certain that all gamers want and deserve a truly real open world gameplay without any travelling gates during the game or even after active gameplay. We hope and believe that more choice of design by GearBox will make for better environments for the game overall. Besides, modern game developers have all the technology they need to build an environment where the travel gates could be replaced by a pass that connects various realms and domains


Uncharted 5: Naughty Dog Expected to Part Ways with the Franchise

Video games have always been one of the things that have managed to thrill people from different age groups. And that has to do a lot with the kind of video game that are coming out. The action game is something that has always been on the favorite list of all the gamers across the world. It’s almost the same thing for the gamers who like sports games. But there are gamers who like to play games like the ones in the Uncharted series. It has been absolutely sensational how Uncharted has managed to grab the attention of the gamers particularly with the great adventures and realistic approach of the game.

However, things are not looking brighter for all those who are looking forward to Uncharted 5 game. This is because of the fact that there has been a clear indication at the end of the fourth game in the series that the protagonist of the game is slowly reaching his ripe age and it’s time that he hangs up his boots. But the fans are very much eager to see the series being continued further and as things stand, Naughty Dog might just make some way for the other developers in order to come up with the next edition of the game in the Uncharted series.

Naughty dog set to say goodbye to uncharted 5

In the case of a new edition of the game Uncharted 5, there are going to be a number of changes which might come out. Although there are minimal chances of the new game in the Uncharted series getting launched, there is no lack of rumors and speculations of the fans regarding the new game in the series from Naughty Dog or any other game developer who might take up the remnants from Naughty Dog. One of the most popular speculations has been the rise of Nathan Drake’s daughter Cassie Drake. It is believed that Cassie Drake will perhaps become the protagonist of the game if there is any Uncharted 5. And that would make one of the best bets at the moment if any game developer decides to develop the game Uncharted 5.

Not just the protagonist, there might be other changes in the game as well. The assisting characters of Nathan Drake might also change, and Cassie’s friends might take their places. That will certainly make it really interesting for the young gamers, and that will make them identify with the character much more easily. Also, the maps will change as well, and things will certainly get much tougher for Cassie and her companions. But then there is no confirmation that there is going to be these new things in the game.

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However, the fans who have been eagerly looking for an update on the game Uncharted 5 might be pleased to come across the news that there is going to be a movie adaptation of the games in the Uncharted series. The movie which’s still in its early days is expected to be the prequel to the games. And it will portray how Nathan Drake rose to prominence. That comes as a really great news for the fans who are keen on some sort of an update on Uncharted 6 about its release date.

Xbox 2: Release Date, Key Specs and All Details

Created and owned by Microsoft, Xbox is basically a video gaming brand which represents consoles that are designed and developed by Microsoft. Its three consoles have already been launch in sixth, seventh and eighth generation respectively.

First, the brand was introduced on November 15 in the year 2011, with the release of original Xbox that crossed 24 million units in the month of May 2006. Competing with Sony’s PS 3, the successor Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 reaching 78.2 million units across the globe. Next arrived, Xbox One, which was launched in 2013, November and competing with Play Station 4. Now comes the best part for the gaming freaks. When it comes to the discussion of Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 (i.e. the successor of Xbox One) every gaming guru’s heart skips a beat for that very day when Xbox 2 would get launched.

Xbox 2 Specs

Perhaps the biggest question of the gamers worldwide now is about the release date of Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio). Well, to be honest, now we can do just one thing! Predicting the future and setting the stage! For the time being, we can just hope to have the ultimate gaming system sooner than to be thought of! But right now, let us have a look on the speculated specifications which are predicted for Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio.

Key Specs

Memory / CPU / GPU / RAM

Undoubtedly, Microsoft is on its way to create benchmarks in order to boast the key specs of Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio). With the following Xbox 2 specs, Microsoft is ready to show their goals in creating the most powerful console till date. Mentioned below are the final speculated specs for Memory / CPU / GPU / RAM. Let us have a look.

  • Memory: 12GB GDDR5, 326GB/s bandwidth
  • CPU: Eight custom x86 cores that clocked at 2.3GHz
  • GPU: 40 customized compute units that clocked at 1172MHz
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive

Xbox 2 Controller

When Xbox One was a rumor, some predicted that it might do away with the classing controller. Instead, it would replace some other device and rely completely on Kinect in order to control the games. However, Microsoft released an improved classic controller so that it can go with Xbox One. But the designs were quite similar to that of Xbox 360. Physical motion controllers have never been done by Microsoft. Recently, Windows 10 headsets actually don’t need any for the purpose of tracking. While rumors suggest, Kinect can actually offer a VR to Microsoft which would offer hands-free experiences of virtual reality. But as for now let us wait to witness its release date.

Hard Drive

Microsoft launched Xbox One S, where they offered a model of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. According to an interview Phil Spencer said something similar Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) by stating, “That said, the opening price point of the Xbox One S, and the different hard drive sizes, that is a critical part of this whole product. When I think it as a product line, you should expect the pricing to kind of be in line with that.”

So, we can expect Xbox 2 to arrive in different hard drive sizes along with an emerging hard drive technology to be known as Shingled Magnetic Recording.

Xbox 2 is expected to get released in this year, but as we all know rumors are better to be followed and not to trust. As of now we have to wait for more updates.

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