A Smartphone or probably some other device would be dead with its Operating system as it is the heart of a particular gadget. OS kick-off with its functioning right after a device gets switched on and then the icons of the apps which are downloaded on the Smartphone or other device starts appearing on display. And even the access to the apps is given after that. Therefore, a developer always gets extra conscious while working on the operating system.

Whenever we talk about OS there are only four operating systems which come across our thoughts, and that includes iOS, Blackberry, Android and of course Windows. These four are competing with each other to a great extent in the market, but iOS manages to take the cup away most of the times as people hardly come up with any sort of complaint regarding the operating system developed by Apple.

The first OS by the American technology giant was highly overwhelming and optimum, and then the other generations kept winning over the hearts of every user. Even iOS 10 still resides in the good books of critics and users because of the spectacular features which the OS was bearing. The photos section of the iPhones was changed totally with the introduction of iOS 10 because people got exposed to a really cool feature.

The user just had to choose some of the pictures on his/her phone and then just make a photo story out of it. With beautiful background music, each video looked absolutely mesmerizing. One the other hand, the feature related to 3D touch was also great and highly amazing, and there was also an upgrade in the lock screen of the iPhones. And even now the next OS in the series, iOS 11 is predicted to sport great and innovative features which would be quite optimum yet again.

Most of the time, Apple has rolled out the new versions of iOS in September, even the iOS 100 got the same month for its release and even the next operating system in the series is predicted to be available for download from this year September. However, a particular speculation associated with the iOS 11 has been raising questions among the avid Apple users.

Reports highlighted that the users could expect a screenshot alert feature to get equipped with the next generation iOS. And it says that the feature will right away send a notification to the person whose text conversation screenshot has been taken by the other person.

This surely sounds a little unusual as many people might not end up liking the screenshot alert feature at all. However, on the brighter side, the avid users might beam with happiness if they get introduced to the group video calling facility in FaceTime as a maximum of them are in dire need of it. Therefore, it would be a huge sigh of relief if the developers actually introduce the facility for iOS 11.

Nevertheless, the forthcoming operating system by OS has the probabilities of emerging as an enormous game changer. I am waiting for iOS 13 beta to release.