Created and owned by Microsoft, Xbox is basically a video gaming brand which represents consoles that are designed and developed by Microsoft. Its three consoles have already been launch in sixth, seventh and eighth generation respectively.

First, the brand was introduced on November 15 in the year 2011, with the release of original Xbox that crossed 24 million units in the month of May 2006. Competing with Sony’s PS 3, the successor Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 reaching 78.2 million units across the globe. Next arrived, Xbox One, which was launched in 2013, November and competing with Play Station 4. Now comes the best part for the gaming freaks. When it comes to the discussion of Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 (i.e. the successor of Xbox One) every gaming guru’s heart skips a beat for that very day when Xbox 2 would get launched.

Xbox 2 Specs

Perhaps the biggest question of the gamers worldwide now is about the release date of Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio). Well, to be honest, now we can do just one thing! Predicting the future and setting the stage! For the time being, we can just hope to have the ultimate gaming system sooner than to be thought of! But right now, let us have a look on the speculated specifications which are predicted for Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio.

Key Specs

Memory / CPU / GPU / RAM

Undoubtedly, Microsoft is on its way to create benchmarks in order to boast the key specs of Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio). With the following Xbox 2 specs, Microsoft is ready to show their goals in creating the most powerful console till date. Mentioned below are the final speculated specs for Memory / CPU / GPU / RAM. Let us have a look.

  • Memory: 12GB GDDR5, 326GB/s bandwidth
  • CPU: Eight custom x86 cores that clocked at 2.3GHz
  • GPU: 40 customized compute units that clocked at 1172MHz
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive

Xbox 2 Controller

When Xbox One was a rumor, some predicted that it might do away with the classing controller. Instead, it would replace some other device and rely completely on Kinect in order to control the games. However, Microsoft released an improved classic controller so that it can go with Xbox One. But the designs were quite similar to that of Xbox 360. Physical motion controllers have never been done by Microsoft. Recently, Windows 10 headsets actually don’t need any for the purpose of tracking. While rumors suggest, Kinect can actually offer a VR to Microsoft which would offer hands-free experiences of virtual reality. But as for now let us wait to witness its release date.

Hard Drive

Microsoft launched Xbox One S, where they offered a model of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. According to an interview Phil Spencer said something similar Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) by stating, “That said, the opening price point of the Xbox One S, and the different hard drive sizes, that is a critical part of this whole product. When I think it as a product line, you should expect the pricing to kind of be in line with that.”

So, we can expect Xbox 2 to arrive in different hard drive sizes along with an emerging hard drive technology to be known as Shingled Magnetic Recording.

Xbox 2 is expected to get released in this year, but as we all know rumors are better to be followed and not to trust. As of now we have to wait for more updates.